Lenze for employees

Exciting prospects for the future

We Lenzians: always on the move worldwide

Our products, system solutions and digital services ensure that our customers’ machines and systems run reliably at all times. And we ourselves always remain flexible because our work is constantly changing. We never get tired of actively shaping the future for our customers. Incidentally, “we” are the around 3,700 Lenzians worldwide who since the Company’s foundation in 1947 have been continuously striking out in new directions and have played an active part in shaping Industry 4.0.

Lenze is an international family-owned company. It is precisely this combination that makes Lenze so special: the possibilities afforded by a company with global operations combined with the family atmosphere prevailing throughout the organisation. For us, everything revolves around movement and automation.

Agile and interdisciplinary: our new mechatronics campus in North Rhine-Westphalia is taking shape

Lenze is investing around €35 million in the future of mechatronics at its Extertal site in Germany. The Mechatronic Competence Campus (MCC), which will include an automatic high-bay warehouse and a new logistics building, is the biggest single investment in the Company’s history and, above all, a symbol of modern-day collaboration in the spirit of Industry 4.0. The MCC will enable us to simplify our working methods and ensure lean coordination, which will make our work more efficient. The fact that the individual disciplines within the Company – mechanics, electronics engineers and software engineers – will be working in closer proximity than before underlines the focus on cross-discipline interaction and transparent processes. We – together with our 800 employees at the site – are striving to be innovative and trendsetting. The development of products and production processes must be interdisciplinary and agile right from the start. The continuous, rapid exchange of knowledge, ideas and experience will create a digital learning factory in which we all work together to achieve the best possible result for the customer. We laid the foundation stone for our future project at the end of September 2018 and will celebrate the inauguration of the new campus in 2020.

An international team consisting of application engineers, service technicians and many others takes care of our customers’ wishes round the clock all over the world.

International and integrated: our teams

A quarter of us are working at our headquarters in Hameln in Lower Saxony. Yet we are represented on all continents with our own sales companies, research and development sites, production plants and logistics centres. We work in international and mixed teams of people with sales and engineering expertise – a model that has proven successful. The fact that we are growing, particularly in Europe, the United States and Asia, is testament to this.

Broadening the mind: intercultural experiences

Intercultural exchange broadens the mind and helps people understand differences in communication and collaboration. This is the reason we have been running an internal exchange programme for Lenzians since 2015 as part of our internationalisation strategy. Participants in the programme go abroad for at least six weeks to work at one of our sites in China, France, the United States or Italy, for instance.

Lenze supports specialised internships and Bachelor, Master’s and doctoral theses with a practical orientation as a way of supporting young academics.

Career opportunities for engineers: international trainee programme

Launched in 2017, the Automation Camp is an international training programme for newly graduated engineers in our companies outside Germany. The programme starts with an orientation phase in Hameln, where the participants learn about the organisation and develop a valuable network of personal contacts. Our goal is to develop distinctive solutions competence in our young colleagues and to offer them very good prospects of development by giving them a permanent position in their home country.

Rated “Very good”: vocational training and further education

Lenze has been awarded the “Best Place to Learn” prize for the second time. And since this year we even bear the prestigious rating of “very good”. In the survey carried out, trainers and skilled personnel as well as current and former trainees confirmed professional recruitment, rapid integration into the company, reliable training planning, qualified trainers and vocational training in accordance with central guiding principles. This accolade confirms the great importance that Lenze attaches to vocational training: in the past financial year there were over 60 apprentices employed in the Lenze Group, spread across six technical and commercial occupations. In addition, more than 30 students are enrolled in a work-and-study Bachelor’s programme, which is offered in collaboration with the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences in Lemgo and the Weserbergland University of Applied Sciences in Hameln, as well as with international universities such as Purdue University in Lafayette in the United States and the ETH Zurich in Switzerland. We also encourage young academics by offering specialist intern work and by supporting Bachelor, Master’s and doctoral theses.

Responsibility over generations and embracing diversity

Lenze is a family-owned company. This is something we experience in our day-to-day work and in our close dealings with one another. However, it also determines our thoughts and actions: we act responsibly – over generations. This can be seen, for example, in the basic principles that were formulated for our company in the 1990s by Dr. Rolf Herbert, who was then a Lenze director. At their core they are still valid today. The high level of satisfaction of our employees is reflected, among other things, in the fact that they stay with Lenze for an average of 20 years. We have even had the pleasure of celebrating many of our colleagues’ 40th or 50th anniversary with the Company. We are delighted that more and more international employees are becoming part of the Lenze family and enriching our joint work with their valuable experience. It is the mix of long-standing employees and newcomers from all over the world that makes us so dynamic.

When emergency service is required, Lenze employees do all they can to provide the customers with the best possible support.

Great care and precision are of paramount importance in the production of our innovative products.

Family-conscious corporate culture

The demands on our employees are high, both in the workplace and in their personal lives. It is not always easy to reconcile the two. The family-conscious corporate culture established at Lenze helps employees to balance work and family. We take into account the different expectations in the countries where we operate. During parental leave we keep in close contact with our employees and invite them to take part in internal continuing professional development measures, for example. When they are ready to return to work, we offer solutions such as flexible working times, job sharing and the possibility of working from home. These options are popular among our employees. We also help to find child care and we provide support if there is an unexpected shortfall in child care. Lenze children are welcome guests in our canteens, where they can eat meals with their parents.

Occupational health management with a wide range of services

We at Lenze firmly believe that health and motivation are the basis for strong performance. Our objective is therefore to create the framework for a work organisation that promotes health and motivation through an occupational health management programme. We help our employees to cope with the growing demands of global competition. Your health is important to us!

Different services are offered in each country. At our headquarters in Hameln, for instance, we have various company sports groups such as dragon boating and football teams and a running group. Other services include free fruit for employees in the canteen, health days, consultations and check-ups by the company medical services and health and fitness courses offered in collaboration with local gyms.

Attractive, award-winning employer

We repeatedly receive confirmation of the fact that Lenze is an attractive employer. In 2018, we were again named Top Employer Germany and Top Employer Engineers by the independent Top Employers Institute. We achieved particularly high scores in the “training and development” and “human resources planning” categories. We are also a member of the Fair Company Initiative for interns. As a fair company member we make a commitment to applying recognised quality standards and adhering to verifiable rules of conduct during internships. For maintaining this kind of responsible and transparent corporate culture, the businesses are annually awarded the Fair Company seal.

Career at Lenze

We provide ideal conditions for anyone who wants to take their personal development to the next level. We regularly look specifically for new employees who are eager to work for us and contribute their ideas, who focus on goals and solutions, and who will thus shape and advance our company for the long term.

Regular discussion and knowledge-sharing are a part of the daily routine at Lenze. We all benefit from the fact that we are constantly learning from each other.

In training young people, Lenze focuses on giving tomorrow’s specialists the tools they need in order to combine basic qualifications and digital competencies.