Lenze for suppliers

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Purchasing 4.0: shopping today for tomorrow

The best machines and production facilities around the world use Lenze – whether in the form of individual gearboxes or motors, complete automation systems or digital services. For our own products and systems, we source materials, parts and services from hundreds of sub-suppliers. So it is no surprise that we not only demand a lot from ourselves, but also from capable and reliable partners.

Reliable partnership: benefits for both sides

Anyone who works with Lenze can be sure of a reliable partnership. Our company has been in business for more than 70 years, and there are trusted suppliers with whom we have worked for almost as long. We appreciate partners who grow with us, who keep advancing themselves and their products, and who join us in developing new markets.

For us, such a partnership has a lot to do with trust, openness and transparency. This also means that we can explore the various options for working together and then implement them as effectively as possible. Together with our suppliers, we are continually working to find ways of interconnecting more closely in order to generate even more benefits for both sides. For example, we are thinking about how we can improve operational processes: materials handling, for example, or warehousing, or reusing packaging material.

Reliable cooperation is especially important to Lenze in its partnership with its suppliers.

A flexible assembly and testing line for frequency and servo inverters ensures that only fault-free products are sent out to Lenze customers.

Lenze Purchasing: a strong presence in Europe, Asia and America

We at Lenze prefer to work with partners that operate internationally – partners who can supply us not just in Europe, but also in Asia and America, and who have a local presence there. Because our customers come from all parts of the world and operate internationally – just as we do. Our worldwide strategic purchasing is controlled centrally from our European headquarters near Hamelin. The purchasing teams at our sites in Shanghai in China and Uxbridge in the USA make valuable contributions, thanks to their knowledge of the regional sourcing situation.

No matter where in the world we are represented, our purchasing department always acts globally. It plays a key central role at Lenze and is in close contact with production and development in all regions.

Strategic purchasing has been set up in a way that meets the Company’s needs. Project purchasing supports the worldwide development teams in achieving the demanding goals with regard to project duration, quality and cost. Series purchasing is responsible for relations with the suppliers. It works out cross-functional supplier strategies and commodity-group strategies and then implements them. Indirect purchasing is responsible for the general purchases, including investments and services. Because the demands that are made on product and process quality are growing, we set up a department for supplier development at the beginning of 2017. An experienced team is in charge of advancing the purchasing processes and systems in the Lenze Group. The goal is a more efficient and effective Purchasing 4.0 organisation. In this way we have set everything up to achieve the optimal orientation of strategic purchasing and operational sourcing.

No matter where a product is manufactured – the quality of the supplied components and the end products must be equally high everywhere.

Our own distribution centres are equipped with Lenze technology to enable us to supply our customers quickly and reliably.

Suppliers of Lenze: part of the value chain and contributors to corporate success

As a family-owned company we know how to run a sound and reliable business. It is no accident that we enjoy an excellent financial rating. This also comes from cost-optimised purchasing. The partners who have actively helped us to reduce costs have understood something important: as our supplier they are a key part of our value chain and make a significant contribution to our success as a company. In return they can profit from our growth and our success, and they can be with us at the very forefront of innovation. Fair partnership and cooperation as equals are for us a natural part of working together. This is why we maintain personal contact with our suppliers and visit them on site, for example. We also conduct regular feedback meetings and evaluate our suppliers based on clear and understandable criteria.

Wanted: partners who will drive innovation together with us

What do we expect from our suppliers? Reliable and punctual delivery, with 100% quality. In addition, we expect transparency with regard to costs and immediate support when it is needed. We want partners who work with us on becoming better and better. Partners who drive innovation together with us and who keep increasing the benefits of our solutions for our customers. Because together we want to create special applications for Industry 4.0!